The Marketing Firefighter

Using Incident Commander leadership and skills, this Firefighter turned Marketer brings an emergency response perspective into the Marketing field.

Command Your [Marketing] Scene; Implement Resources Strategically!

The Marketing Firefighter takes experiences, abilities, and creativity from 16 years as a United States Air Force Firefighter and applies those skills towards meeting your marketing objectives!

In the fire service, every call is unique which means that the strategy to approach the situation changes from one emergency scene to the next. Similarly, no two businesses are ran the same way and calls for the evaluation and implementation of different strategies and tactics.

Believe it or not, in the FD, not every service call requires brute force or, even, water…this is where strategic thinking and evaluating your unique situation is imperative. Sometimes adding water to a fire makes it worse (more on that later) so thinking about what you have in front of you, and what your end goal is, can help you avoid an unforeseen reaction.

The Marketing Firefighter takes key concepts from firefighting and applies them to the marketing field in a structured and analytical approach. This ensures your objectives are met, the right resources are used, and your message is successfully delivered.

The Marketing Firefighter’s
Structural Approach to Marketing

Marketing Size-Up

Just like a scene size up at an emergency, the “What do we have?” question is asked which helps paint a picture of your current marketing situation and identifies the pieces to use in the marketing strategy.

Resource Evaluation/Management

At any incident, knowing the tools, personnel, and equipment you have available can dictate whether or not you can adequately accomplish the task at hand. Here, we review your available resources to ensure capabilities are adequate and call for specialized resources if dictated by the situation.

Marketing Action Plan

Similar to an Incident Action Plan used at an emergency scene, here we come up with the plan on how we are going to handle your situation.

Evaluation of Interventions

Once the plan has been implemented and the pieces are moving, an ongoing assessment is conducted via an Evaluation of Interventions to report back on the effectiveness of those actions.

Case Studies

Education Institution
The Marketing Firefighter responded to a Request for Assistance call where an educator needed help reaching a very niche audience. Upon investigation and assessment, a tailored advertisement was drafted and executed leading to a 1,400% increase in exposure.

Non-Profit Exposure
Marketing resources were dispatched to a Mutual Aid call for a local non-profit organization. Funds and volunteer resources had dried up due to unforeseen circumstances and an emergent need existed for a speedy recovery in 60 days or less. With limited funds and peak season approaching, a call-to-action was implemented using well known townspeople culminating in both monetary and personnel goals to be exceeded by the start of the season.

Gala-Gallery Rescue
Call came in for an Event Rescue. Due to coronavirus, this organization was forced to substitute a fundraising Gala for a first-for-the-organization online art gallery. With over 100 items to showcase and nearly a dozen artists to announce, the organization needed a way to successfully deploy this new information. Upon arrival, the Marketing Firefighter went to work and designed an all encompassing marketing action plan which included print and digital media.

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