The Best Kind of Food Advertising Tricks

Setting up food for a photo shoot to use in a marketing plan or advertising can be disasterous if not done right.
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Where To Start?

Food Advertisements vs Other Non Food Advertisements

Advertising is an important tool to help sell your product. Without advertising your new cocktail, all-you-can-eat special, or vegan-friendly burger, it may be difficult to bring attention to it. It also may come to no surprise that promoting a food product is different from promoting other consumables; especially when it comes to photographing it.

In this field, you have unique issues like steam, sizzling oil, run off juices and countless other variables not present when photographing another consumable. These unique issues will need to be addressed simultaneously for a great final product.

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Social Media Marketing for Restaurants (and Trucks)

When marketing, one must think about what they want to sell and how.  Are you selling the restaurant’s ambiance? Are you selling the fact that the menu was made by a famous chef?

These are important things to think about when considering your marketing plan. Guess what, this is also the same for trucks.  These trucks are growing exponentially!

In parts of the country, food trucks have increased in popularity and you can bet that they have some sort of online profile!

Tricks For Your Plan

When you typed up your restaurant or truck’s business plan, if you did not do much pre-planning for marketing, the least you could do is get online. If you at least have one or two of the most popular social media marketing for restaurants apps added to your food truck business plan then you have a plan for success.

Do not leave out social platforms from your plan, think about it: How many people do you know use social media to search for things to buy and what platforms are they using? These are the ones you should use and add them to your plan; you’ll be doing a valuable thing for your business (and customers)

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Food Advertising Tricks

So what are the best kind of food advertising tricks? First, do not let your product look sad, deflated, or be shown in bad lighting.  One thing that I see often is that an establishment posts a picture of, say, an enchilada but what ends up being shown is a cheesy mush and you cannot make anything else out. 

I am sure that the food is delicious but it does not look appealing.

Another trick for your food advertisements is to be aware of the lighting.  Try to eliminate shadows, glares, and over-exposed areas. I once saw a picture of a hamburger with a flatten bun in a dingy yellow lighted area.  I was not impressed.

And the last of the food advertising tricks? Be aware of your background.  If you are taking your own pictures, be aware that background items can detract from the primary subject.  If you decide that this photographing task isn’t for you, find yourself an experienced photographer and then upload their pictures to your favorite social platform. 

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The Secret to a Successful Marketing Strategy

How Implementation Leads to Success

Whether someone plans to conquer the world, or their own market sector, having a marketing strategy is key to achieving victory. Here we will cover the basic definition and how to plan for your market sector.  Lastly, I will be providing examples on how to build your own so that you can conquer your piece of the market.

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Marketing Strategy is like planning a road trip.  By knowing that marketing strategy is its own independent thing, you're able to succeed
We strategize everything. Even where to eat!

Think about a time when you were going on a road trip, getting ready for a job interview, or perhaps thinking about how you were going to set up your living room furniture.  Believe it or not, that planning was getting you ready for a marketing strategy all along. From figuring out when to stop for gas, to what color tie to wear and even which side to place the couch on, it took some strategizing to achieve your goal.  But do you know what it means?

Marketing Strategy Defined

In very simple terms, the definition is literally a strategy for marketing. So, instead of having a road trip, a dress-to-impress, or a feng-shui strategy, you have one that is for MARKETING!  According to Adam Barone from Investopedia.com (2020) “A marketing strategy refers to a business’ overall game plan for reaching prospective consumers and turning them into customers of the products or services the business provides” This is an important definition because without knowing that it is an independent item in your business plan, you may also not know how to do your own.

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Components of a Marketing Strategy

If you google “Marketing Strategy” you’ll see that a TON of resources pop up.  My favorites are the progress wheels because they tend to be colorful and sequential in nature but don’t let that stop or scare you! What I mean is that even though many resources show that there are ‘steps’ I would say it is more of a concept than a step-by-step.

Think about the road trip from earlier. If you had decided that you wanted to go from Tampa, FL to Omaha, NE (or wherever!) you would probably figure out the distance between both places, think about packing different clothes depending on the season, and would even debate whether or not you should take your own vehicle versus getting a rental (you know, because you don’t want rock chips on your car).

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The Same is True for a Marketing Strategy.

When considering your approach, think about your end goal. Do you want to end up with more web traffic? Do you want more people to buy from your online store? Or perhaps you want more people to visit your brick and mortar establishment? Once you have that figured out then you decide how you want to reach your customers.  Should you do online ads? A billboard? YouTube? You must also think about what approach works best for you and decide if you want to drive yourself or hire someone to take you on this ride. 

So What is an example of This?

Depending on your goal, market, and product, your approach will end up including universal building blocks.  Items like social media presence, SEO optimization, Email campaigns, web 2.0, and a simple SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats) analysis can set you up with a solid foundation to start getting traffic, sales, and or exposure -depending on your goal. Due to the nature and difference of all businesses and the vision of their owner, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ marketing strategy but the above can at least get you started.

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Next steps                                                                                  

Think about the road trip again.  What vehicle did you decide to drive? What clothes did you pack? What playlist did you load up? Now that you have your list of items, its time to use them! With a simple plan, you can make sure that you’re prepared for customers that may be randomly browsing or searching for your product so that you can get them to check your store out. 

By googling its definition, you are better able to recognize that this type of business strategizing is an individual topic that requires attention.  I hope this marketing strategy example helps you at least recognize that there are various components to it and although there is no one-size-fits-all approach at least you have a basic foundation to get started.

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Houston Veteran Fights Hunger Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic


Houston Veteran Fights Hunger Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

How a Cambodian-born US Marine Continues to Serve His Community

HOUSTON, Texas -May 5, 2020- Houston families in need during the COVID-19 pandemic receive a fulfilling meal thanks to a Marine veteran and restaurant owner named Naro Mak. Mr. Mak recognized a need during the mass layoffs and decided to create “Feeding Families Fridays”.  Every Friday Naro prepares food at his restaurant then recruits volunteer drivers to deliver hot meals to families throughout greater Houston. A mission he started in 2017 as a response to Hurricane Harvey, he continues to help those less fortunate especially during times of crisis. “It’s something I can do” states Mr. Mak “I’m in a position now that I can [and] it is the right thing to do”. Approximately fifteen to twenty meals are delivered to families each Friday with the help of the Easter Seals of Greater Houston and St Vincent De Paul. Partnering with the Lady Lions of Houston, Mr. Mak also donates his food services to Memorial Hermann hospitals, and various fire houses throughout Houston.

Owner to Hartz Krispy Chicken on Pinemont, Naro Mak has not always been a successful entrepreneur or a philanthropist. He arrived to the United States as a refugee from Cambodia at the age of 4 and grew up in Stockton, California. He joined the United States Marine Corps at the age of seventeen where he served 4 years as an infantryman. He credits his philanthropic ways to his upbringing: “I came to this country with nothing, collecting cans, picking cucumbers, tomatoes and asparagus. This country has given my family everything” says Mak “For me to stand-by [during this pandemic] is not fair, that is not understanding blessings”.

To ensure continuing operations, monetary donations and volunteer drivers are always in need. You can donate by searching “Marine Feeds Houston Families During Crisis” on gofundme.com or become a volunteer delivery driver by calling (713) 681-8050.

About Hartz Krispy Chicken on Pinemont

Hartz Krispy Chicken on Pinemont is located at 1215 Pinemont Dr. Houston Tx, 77018.

Current hours of operation are M-F 10:30am-8:00pm and Sat/Sun 11:00am-8:00pm.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hartzkrispychickenonpinemont/

Donate to Feeding Family Fridays


5 Reason Why You Need Online Ads

Online ads, or, ‘adverts’ are important. Whether selling on the internet or at a brick and mortar location, ads (to include banner advertising) on the internet have increased substantially. Luckily, there are some free advertising sites that can help and we are here to explain why you need them.

5 Reasons Why You Need Online Ads

  1. To Get More Attention

Once upon a time, the phonebook was needed for a business to be found.  Customers would search alphabetically for their desired service and BAM, they had a list of local businesses.  Today, the phone book has gone digital but people are no longer using it as they once did.  Now search engines find the services for people therefore being in the phonebook is less of an advantage.

Pro Tip: Did you know that you can use free advertising sites to get some adverts up and running?

2. You Want to Grow Your Business

Online ads are important for those who want to GROW.  If a business is not using all available resources, they will not be able to reach all their customers thus will be leaving money on the table.

Pro Tip: Affiliate marketing incorporates banner advertisements into websites.  You may have seen banner advertising while you were browsing other pages.  Usually banner advertising is a joint venture between businesses and marketers.

3. There’s Science and Art Behind It

Online Ads are science and art.  One does not have to LIKE Science or Art but know that it is found within adverts.  When engaging with a target market, topics like sociology are invaluable in order to know a customer’s interest. Banner Advertising makes great use of science by placing relevant information in front of a specific customer.

4. You KNOW What Your Customer Wants

Business owners know their customers. This is key when thinking about ads. As stated before, by engaging a targeted group (a ‘demographic’), one ensures that the advertisement is effective and the business owner can rest assured that their money is being well spent by reaching the right people.

5. Smart People Like Real Estate Agents use Adverts!

As you know, real estate agents pay for things out of pocket.  Their adverts, flyers, even gas, all comes out up front. This is an important detail since, they too, use advertisements.  The difference in how they use advertisements versus a big corporation is that the former targets people that are currently searching for a home AND do it within the area that they currently service. In contrast, big corporations may just use banner advertising for all to see (ESPECIALLY because they have the money to burn).

Pro Tip: My agent made use of some of these items below.

Show Me Free Advertising Sites!

If by now you’ve realized that you have fallen behind on the adverts game, relax. Below are a few sites that you can use for FREE ONLINE ADS.

Reddit is a forum also known as ‘The Front Page of the Internet’ There are various ‘Subreddits’ that allow you to create and post adverts for your service!

Facebook If you have not created a business page, do so! It is important to have a business page on facebook where you can post your business adverts.

LinkedIn: Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn is a social networking site where one can create a profile and list services.  Posts allow you to advertise to your network.

Just want us to do it?

Contact us now and we’ll assist you in join the world of adverts!

Reach Your Demographic

DEMOGRAPHIC (NOUN): A particular sector of a population.

Sites like Facebook make promoting easy. With just the click of a button you boost a post or promote yourself to a large audience but do you know who is getting that message? When you pay to boost or promote, you are paying for your name/brand/post to be put in front of people but do you know who those people are?

Most importantly, do you know if they’re the right DEMOGRAPHIC?

When strategizing, make sure that you have a specific demographic in mind. WHO is your customer? WHAT apps do they use? WHEN are they online? WHERE do they get their information from? WHY are you relevant to them? and HOW are you making sure you’re reaching them?

Local Business Owner Helps Community

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Jonathan Campos, owner of Artistic Renditions, has joined Combined Arms’ Neighborhood Leader Initiative to help inform neighbors on the dangers, steps to take, and available resources concerning the COVID-19 outbreak.
Combined Arms, a veteran non-profit organization, is calling on all Veterans to step up in the various neighborhoods throughout the Greater Houston area to be points of contact between their associated neighborhood and Combined Arms to ease with the exchange of information and to help with relief efforts if local resources are limited or exhausted.
If you are a veteran or know a veteran in the Greater Houston Area please forward them this link. Timely exchange of information will help with the mitigation and quick recovery efforts of our neighborhoods.

To join the Peachstone Pl, Forest Ridge, Nextdoor Group in Spring, Texas click here
Please like and follow Combined Arms

Want to Volunteer? Click Here to Sign Up

Is Your Online Presence Enough?

There are many steps you can take to make you and your business standout.

To begin, you can make sure that you come out on search results by focusing on your SEO; you can audit your webpage to make sure all your links work and pages are formatted properly; and a business without social media is losing out on a ton of traffic!

Artistic Renditions is here to help with your social media management, strategy and branding. Contact us today to so we can audit your online presence and come up with fresh new ideas to get you noticed.

Check out this link to read more about how you can better your online presence! https://grasshopper.com/resources/growing-a-local-business/the-right-online-presence/

“We’re Open”

How do you let your customer know about your hours and/if you’re open? Maximize your social media reach by using targeted ads, boosting posts and or creating unique content so that your customer is exposed to your brand and, ultimately, comes to you!

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credit to Artem Beliaikin for the picture https://www.pexels.com/@belart84




a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.

-bing search

With STRATEGIC ONLINE MARKETING, you will be having a plan of action designed to achieve a major win with your customers.

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