Local Business Owner Helps Community

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Jonathan Campos, owner of Artistic Renditions, has joined Combined Arms' Neighborhood Leader Initiative to help inform neighbors on the dangers, steps to take, and available resources concerning the COVID-19 outbreak.Combined Arms, a veteran non-profit organization, is calling on all Veterans to step up in the various neighborhoods throughout the Greater Houston area [...]

Is Your Online Presence Enough?

There are many steps you can take to make you and your business standout. To begin, you can make sure that you come out on search results by focusing on your SEO; you can audit your webpage to make sure all your links work and pages are formatted properly; and a business without social media [...]

“We’re Open”

How do you let your customer know about your hours and/if you're open? Maximize your social media reach by using targeted ads, boosting posts and or creating unique content so that your customer is exposed to your brand and, ultimately, comes to you! Contact us now so discuss how we can help find your customers [...]

Costumes, Parties, Fun, oh my!

I found some old pictures from when I left Good Vibrations DJs, in Las Vegas, and started to pursue my own DJ ventures (due to a military transfer). Finding these was such a blast from the past! In the first picture (2011) my buddy came to visit me at the DJ booth during our Halloween [...]