The Best Kind of Food Advertising Tricks

Setting up food for a photo shoot to use in a marketing plan or advertising can be disasterous if not done right.
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Where To Start?

Food Advertisements vs Other Non Food Advertisements

Advertising is an important tool to help sell your product. Without advertising your new cocktail, all-you-can-eat special, or vegan-friendly burger, it may be difficult to bring attention to it. It also may come to no surprise that promoting a food product is different from promoting other consumables; especially when it comes to photographing it.

In this field, you have unique issues like steam, sizzling oil, run off juices and countless other variables not present when photographing another consumable. These unique issues will need to be addressed simultaneously for a great final product.

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Social Media Marketing for Restaurants (and Trucks)

When marketing, one must think about what they want to sell and how.  Are you selling the restaurant’s ambiance? Are you selling the fact that the menu was made by a famous chef?

These are important things to think about when considering your marketing plan. Guess what, this is also the same for trucks.  These trucks are growing exponentially!

In parts of the country, food trucks have increased in popularity and you can bet that they have some sort of online profile!

Tricks For Your Plan

When you typed up your restaurant or truck’s business plan, if you did not do much pre-planning for marketing, the least you could do is get online. If you at least have one or two of the most popular social media marketing for restaurants apps added to your food truck business plan then you have a plan for success.

Do not leave out social platforms from your plan, think about it: How many people do you know use social media to search for things to buy and what platforms are they using? These are the ones you should use and add them to your plan; you’ll be doing a valuable thing for your business (and customers)

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Food Advertising Tricks

So what are the best kind of food advertising tricks? First, do not let your product look sad, deflated, or be shown in bad lighting.  One thing that I see often is that an establishment posts a picture of, say, an enchilada but what ends up being shown is a cheesy mush and you cannot make anything else out. 

I am sure that the food is delicious but it does not look appealing.

Another trick for your food advertisements is to be aware of the lighting.  Try to eliminate shadows, glares, and over-exposed areas. I once saw a picture of a hamburger with a flatten bun in a dingy yellow lighted area.  I was not impressed.

And the last of the food advertising tricks? Be aware of your background.  If you are taking your own pictures, be aware that background items can detract from the primary subject.  If you decide that this photographing task isn’t for you, find yourself an experienced photographer and then upload their pictures to your favorite social platform. 

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