5 Reason Why You Need Online Ads

Online ads, or, ‘adverts’ are important. Whether selling on the internet or at a brick and mortar location, ads (to include banner advertising) on the internet have increased substantially. Luckily, there are some free advertising sites that can help and we are here to explain why you need them.

5 Reasons Why You Need Online Ads

  1. To Get More Attention

Once upon a time, the phonebook was needed for a business to be found.  Customers would search alphabetically for their desired service and BAM, they had a list of local businesses.  Today, the phone book has gone digital but people are no longer using it as they once did.  Now search engines find the services for people therefore being in the phonebook is less of an advantage.

Pro Tip: Did you know that you can use free advertising sites to get some adverts up and running?

2. You Want to Grow Your Business

Online ads are important for those who want to GROW.  If a business is not using all available resources, they will not be able to reach all their customers thus will be leaving money on the table.

Pro Tip: Affiliate marketing incorporates banner advertisements into websites.  You may have seen banner advertising while you were browsing other pages.  Usually banner advertising is a joint venture between businesses and marketers.

3. There’s Science and Art Behind It

Online Ads are science and art.  One does not have to LIKE Science or Art but know that it is found within adverts.  When engaging with a target market, topics like sociology are invaluable in order to know a customer’s interest. Banner Advertising makes great use of science by placing relevant information in front of a specific customer.

4. You KNOW What Your Customer Wants

Business owners know their customers. This is key when thinking about ads. As stated before, by engaging a targeted group (a ‘demographic’), one ensures that the advertisement is effective and the business owner can rest assured that their money is being well spent by reaching the right people.

5. Smart People Like Real Estate Agents use Adverts!

As you know, real estate agents pay for things out of pocket.  Their adverts, flyers, even gas, all comes out up front. This is an important detail since, they too, use advertisements.  The difference in how they use advertisements versus a big corporation is that the former targets people that are currently searching for a home AND do it within the area that they currently service. In contrast, big corporations may just use banner advertising for all to see (ESPECIALLY because they have the money to burn).

Pro Tip: My agent made use of some of these items below.

Show Me Free Advertising Sites!

If by now you’ve realized that you have fallen behind on the adverts game, relax. Below are a few sites that you can use for FREE ONLINE ADS.

Reddit is a forum also known as ‘The Front Page of the Internet’ There are various ‘Subreddits’ that allow you to create and post adverts for your service!

Facebook If you have not created a business page, do so! It is important to have a business page on facebook where you can post your business adverts.

LinkedIn: Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn is a social networking site where one can create a profile and list services.  Posts allow you to advertise to your network.

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