Reach Your Demographic

DEMOGRAPHIC (NOUN): A particular sector of a population.

Sites like Facebook make promoting easy. With just the click of a button you boost a post or promote yourself to a large audience but do you know who is getting that message? When you pay to boost or promote, you are paying for your name/brand/post to be put in front of people but do you know who those people are?

Most importantly, do you know if they’re the right DEMOGRAPHIC?

When strategizing, make sure that you have a specific demographic in mind. WHO is your customer? WHAT apps do they use? WHEN are they online? WHERE do they get their information from? WHY are you relevant to them? and HOW are you making sure you’re reaching them?

Published by Jonathan

AAS in Fire Science, BA in Sociology, and MA in International Relations. Certified Associate in Project Management and NREMT. I strive to help others fulfill their dreams.

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