“I don’t do online advertising”

As I talk to people about the advantages of social media marketing and strategizing, I often get many baby-boomers who are not believers in the power of social media.

I don’t blame them.

Why would anyone want to spend money on a ‘craze’ that will “probably just die down?” (I know, right?) Furthermore, the tried and true methods of billboards and the yellow pages used to bring people from near and far so why try this “new craze”?

Well, because YOU are online reading this. As we have learned, the internet connects people and social media can start (hypothetical) forest fires…in fact, the Arab Spring movement was started with the help of social media.

So, if social media can call for thousands of people to come together and protest, imagine what it can do for your brand, business, or image?

At Artistic Renditions, LLC we can help you optimize your social media page, execute social media advertisement campaigns, build (or redesign) your website and we can even DJ your birthday party if you’re in the Clovis area.

Call or email us now and let’s strategize your next move on social media.

(575) 265-2336 or Jonathan@artisticrenditions.net

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